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We live in a digital world. Who much time we use the internet in the day? It’s a very important question, and witch device we prefer to use the internet? We can say We use the internet for everything to find information about business product and service, shopping, and everything we can do it there. All of this action base on a website or application. All applications are made for we use services easy and faster, and the first step to create an application is an idea. Is your application is useful and makes some act better than now, I help you to find an answer to this question together.

As an Amin Arghash, I help my clients to understand the main purpose of their application and before starting the design phase we make a great concept of application users and business plan. My skills in visual design always help me to design a simple and useful UI kit for application. In the design phase, I usually improve the application brand identity and in some cases, I redesign the brands for application unique identity. many of my clients accepted my views about brand and logo and let me do something wonderful for them.

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Unique design & Developing


Team Work

Programing is the main step in developing an application. I use different technique and programming languages for developing but my experience shows me no one can develop an application without the programmer team, yes we do teamwork in this phase, I have co-partner in this phase. my wonderful friends help me to do anything. We work together and share our knowledge and experience to create the perfect application for our clients. In many projects, I help them in UI kit design and they help me in programming. I love all this moment we improve our skills level together and make new dreams.

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"A2-Art Studio" App Developing
"A2-Art Studio" App Developing
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Bronze Plan
1000 $
Business Plan
App Ui Kit Design
Basic Programming Language
Web Ui Kit
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Silver Plan
2000 $
Master Business Plan
App Ui Kit Design
Master Programming Language
Web Developing
Advertising Plan Development
Gold Plan
3000 $
Canvas Business Model
App Ui Kit Design
Advanced Programming Language
Web Developing & SEO
Advertising Campaign

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