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We live in a digital world. The first point of search for a company is often based on the internet. potential customers look the internet to finding the best answer for their needs. They have many choices there and it proves why the website is necessary for any business. It’s very important they can find your business information and knowledge about you and your products and service, the website is the best way for connection is made. Developing website If done correctly, it can convey your business personality and voice in an instant.

As an Amin Arghash, I pride myself on developing website designs that are based on Brand Identity and unique visual design. My skills in visual design always help me to understand UI and design-friendly space and I usually wonder the visitors. Next, I focus on mobile version development because many visitors use smartphones for visiting the websites and its very important the website has a useful mobile version. We call it responsive web design.

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Unique design & Developing



Programing is the main step in developing a website. I use different technique and programming languages for developing websites but Many of my clients want manage the website directly after the base development completed for this request I decided to focus on WordPress for developing a website because it can help them for mange their website easily and enjoyed from every moment the spend for make a change. As an Amin Arghash, I Belive every Succesful website has a good UI kit Design, perfect programming development, and responsive and useful mobile version. It’s the best way to success in every business in this digital world.

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Web Development

"AMIN ARGHASH" Web Developing
"AMIN ARGHASH" Web Developing
"Varsun" Web Developing
"Varsun" Web Developing
"101 Cabinet" Web Developing
"101 Cabinet" Web Developing
"Irnet Shop" Web Developing
"Irnet Shop" Web Developing
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Bronze Plan
400 $
Web Ui Kit Design
Wordpress Base
2 Forms
Basic Sample Contents
SEO Level 1-Main page Tag
Silver Plan
800 $
Web Ui Kit Design
Wordpress & Shop
10 Forms
Basic Contents
SEO Level 2-Main page & Contents Tag
Gold Plan
1200 $
Web Ui Kit Design
Wordpress & Shop & Custom Code
Infinity Forms & Page
Full Content Import
SEO Level 3-Full Content Meta Tag

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